• Hammersmith & Fulham CAMHS

    0208 483 1979

    Provides mental health assessment and treatment for children, young people (aged 0-18) and their families, referrals advice can be found here.

    CAMHS 24 hour emergency helpline 0300 1234 244

    CAMHS eating disorders referral line 020 8354 8160

  • Youth Anxiety BC

    Reliable, easy to understand information to help young people cope with anxiety.

  • Young Minds

    08088 025 544

    Supporting children and young people who are experiencing problems with their mental health and wellbeing.

  • Young Gloucestershire

    01452 501 008

    Supporting young people in Gloucestershire facing difficult times, such as a disruptive home life, caring for a family member or coping with a mental health issue.

  • Triumph Over Phobia

    Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK) is a UK registered charity which aims to help sufferers of phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and other related anxiety to overcome their fears and become ex-sufferers.

  • Stem4

    Stem4 is a teenage mental health charity aimed at improving teenage mental health by stemming commonly occurring mental health issues at an early stage.

  • Smiling Mind

    A web and app-based programme teaching modern meditation techniques for young people.

  • Self-Help for Anxiety Management

    SAM is an app that offers a range of self-help methods for people who want to learn how to manage their anxiety.

  • Sane

    03003 047 000

    Working to improve the life of anyone affected by mental illness.

  • ReThink

    03005 000 927

    Support, advice and information for anyone suffering from mental health problems.