Lights. Camera. Action! 🎬

When a theatre shuts, it’s tradition that one light is always kept on, known as The Ghost Light. The Cotswold Players based at the Cotswold Playhouse in Stroud, have provided this light during these tough times, engaging with their members through online activities and regular play readings 🎭

But they realised the toll the pandemic has had in particular on children and young people’s #mentalhealth and have kindly offered to take centre stage and put on a #fundraising challenge to help raise funds for TIC+.

So, the solution?

A ‘Playerthon’ – a 24 hour fundraising challenge where members will take part in continuous readings of plays, poems and novels, all to raise money for TIC+.

(Well, it was only natural that it would be a creative one!)

Taking place over the 27th – 28th March, the 24 hour challenge will happen virtually, and will help us here at TIC+ to continue to provide our much needed services!

We are so grateful to the Cotswold Players for their help and continued support, and are sure we’ll all be asking asking for an encore 👏

Find out more and donate here 👉