Our social impact



TIC+ are committed to honest and transparent social impact reporting. Our Live Impact Dashboard can be accessed year round for an immediate snapshot of our social impact, including our successes and challenges.

You can better understand the impact TIC+ has by reading through the seven tabs on the dashboard. We believe the dashboard gives a comprehensive but succinct, up-to-date record that summarises our impact in line with our vision which is to ensure that every young person receives support with their mental health when they need it most and in a way that suits their needs. Equity and choice is at the heart of everything we do.

The dashboard uses our full dataset from the past 24 months (current date range 1/7/2020 – 30/6/2022). Data is refreshed monthly and is anonymised to protect identities in line with our information and data protection governance.



For the best experience, we recommend you view and interact on a desktop device.

You can select navigation and expand to full-page using the navigation arrows at the bottom of dashboard for improved viewing.

Information icons are included on some slides on the dashboard. Hovering over these icons will provide additional explanation to help you better understand what you’re looking at.

Filters are present on graphs where it is possible to isolate specific information relating to age/gender/ethnicity.

How counselling helped one young person in Gloucestershire

“I was initially hesitant to reach out for help for my mental health struggles, as I didn’t feel they were important enough – or that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. At 20 I finally reached out, and am so glad I did. That is why I think its great ticplus goes up to age 21.


I found the experience really validating, and Leanne helped me reframe my thoughts to help me process them in a different way (she did a great job).

I have had much fewer panic attacks since the counselling.


This might be a little more quotable if you did want something for the website, as I think it may be useful to reflect on the website the help you provide for young adults:

‘‘At 20 years old I was unsure if ticplus was going to be suitable for me, but I found I was treated like an adult and didn’t at all feel patronised. For any young adults struggling with their mental wellbeing I would definitely recommend ticplus. It has personally helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks, without the need for medication’’.