To celebrate our 25th anniversary Claire and Deb of the Fundraising team at TIC+ have set themselves the challenge to run the equivalent of 25 marathons in a year.

The 655 mile challenge started on Monday 1st July!

Deb says,

“Claire and I love to run…well most of the time. So what could be more obvious challenge for our 25th Anniversary than to run 25 marathons in a year?” Quite!

At TIC+ HQ we got our calculators out and t averages out at a wonderful 12.6 miles per week. Deb’s reaction? “…how hard can that be?” And just in case they get bored… “Let’s throw in the Cheltenham Half at the end of September too!”

They might be forgiven for feeling slightly nervous as they embark on the challenge, but they have a history of tackling a challenge or two! “Through past experience I know I throw myself headlong into a running challenge with an enthusiasm defying my ability and then hobble for weeks after. And Claire…. well, she’s known for agreeing to bonkers challenges and only then realising what she’s let herself in for (London to Paris bike ride? Sure! Loch Ness Marathon? Why not! You get the picture….)”

“We’ll update our blog to follow our progress every so often. Don’t be concerned that it will be full of airbrushed shots of us running in fabulous locations. Our ability to take beautiful selfies is minimal so I’m afraid what you see will be how it is! We will though be including lots of pictures of our canine companions who will undoubtedly be looking better than us.”

Why are they doing this? At TIC+ we believe that every child and young person in need deserves someone to talk to; regardless of whether their family can afford it.

Please do support us if you are able:

  • £5 will let us answer a call from a young person in need
  • £7.50 covers room hire for one counselling session
  • £25 covers the cost of one online counselling platform license
  • £53 provides a one-to-one counselling session for a young person

Good luck ladies!

And here we have the first update from Deb!

To support them please click here.