“I would just like to say a massive thank you to you all at TIC+ for being so supportive towards my daughter. Although it’s only words of thanks, my wife and I really appreciated what you did for us as it has given us a little understanding as to why our daughter felt the way she did and will enable us to help in the best way that we can.

We would never have known how to go about things if it wasn’t for organisations like yours to point us in the right direction.

And a special thanks to Sophie for all her help and support.”

“I’ve come away each week with new ideas and tools to try at home and I’ve made a few new friends with other parents in the group!”  

“It’s helped to know I’m not the only one and that I’m doing ok…”

“This was the best course I have ever been on. It has made a dramatic difference to our life.”

“My counsellor listened to me, helped me to be more able to cope with problems and made it
fun for me. I got to play games. I got to tell what was happening in my life. It’s great, people
should come here if they have any problems.”

Harry, 10

“My counsellor listened to me without judging and gave advice on how to help me with my
problems. There was no pressure and I could do it by myself without having to consult family
or friends. It’s been really helpful and I think it’s such an important resource for people to
have access to.”

Sophie, 16

“The counselling made me discover things about myself and that I could cope by using the
strategies my counsellor gave me. I am happier now and life is good. My counsellor was a
really lovely person to work with and I find life easier now I’m able to cope with my anxiety.”

Charlie, 15