Counselling in Schools

Why have a school-based counsellor? 

Evidence shows that a counselling service which provides support within an overall school strategy can be highly effective in promoting young people’s welfare, supporting their learning and achievement as well as alleviating and preventing the escalation of mental health problems.

Counsellors who are part of a whole school approach to emotional health and well-being are in a unique position to recognise early on children who are at risk, in need, vulnerable or for whom there are potential serious mental health risks at an early age.


What are the benefits of the TIC+ Counselling in Schools service?

– Over twenty eight years’ experience delivering counselling in school settings.

– A dedicated on-site counsellor significantly enhancing the school pastoral provision.

– TIC+ handles all recruitment, employment, line management and supervision of the counsellor.

– Non-identifiable statistics and reports to evidence the effectiveness of the service and giving helpful data which can inform the PSHE curriculum.

– Experienced counsellors with a range of therapeutic tools e.g. play and art therapy skills.

– Annual or short-term contracts to allow for consistent and flexible provision.

– Ability to respond quickly in a crisis.

– Established policies and procedures for implementing service provision and maintaining quality assurance.

– Strong working links with universal, targeted and specialist services to provide a seamless pathway of support where appropriate i.e. GRIP (Gloucestershire Recovery in Psychosis), CYPS (Children and Young People Service) Eating Disorder Service etc.

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