Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect With Nature

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The challenges of this year have been hugely disruptive for children and young people, causing increasing anxiety, worry, stress and uncertainty about the future. But even at the height of the pandemic, being in gardens, parks and other green spaces has become a top coping strategy, with 45% of people saying that being among nature…

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Mental Health Nature Journal

AnxietyMental HealthMindfulnessSelf-Esteem

Research has shown that connecting with nature can be used to improve our Mental Health and have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Spending time outdoors can relieve stress, anxiety and anger and help boost our self-confidence. This year the Mental Health Awareness Week theme is nature, and to support this the…

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Digital safety and wellbeing kit

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New Resource for Parents and Children A new digital safety and wellbeing kit for parents and a safety guide for children has been produced by Children’s Commissioner and leading privacy law firm Schillings for free download.   The digital safety and wellbeing kit provides useful tips and guidance to help protect your child on a…

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