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If you are a parent/guardian who needs advice or to talk to some-one we are here....
TIC+ is a respected organisation that aims to assist professional bodies through the provision of training courses, consultaion and other services. Contact us at 01594 546117

Welcome to Teens in Crisis

Provides Professional Counselling services for young people aged 9 - 21 and their families.
across the county of Gloucestershire.

Our services and information can be accessed by anyone over the phone or via email. TIC+

Contact our Office - 53, Carlson Suite, 4th Floor, Building 8, Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire GL17 ODD Telephone 01594 546117 (Answerphone available if staff busy)

Thanks to all of our supporters especially BBC children in need, Henry Smith Charity, Lloyds TSB, and the Peter Lang childrens Trust


We Are All on a Journey

Every one of us is on a journey. As with all journey's, somewhere along the road we can face setbacks, detours, accidents and traffic jams. Possibly you are visiting this site because your life has it a traffic jam and you are looking for some answers ar trying to find a route out. You are not alone - We have all been there!  Even some of the most famous people that you have heard of, great characters of history, rock stars, movie stars, inventors and wealthy business people have experienced, failure, rejection, loneliness, poverty, self doubt, bankrupcy and homelessness, before they became known. This lets us know a few things...
1) Your situation does not have to stay the same way that it is, there is always a solution.
2) We all make mistakes, but do not let you past experiences or actions (or the negative actions of others) determine your future.
3) Don't give up or give in to your circumstances, there is a way through. Often in difficult times it is good to talk with someome outside of your situation about how you feel and what you are going through. 
At TIC+ we are here to help and listen to you. Make that call and let's see if we can help you put your life journey back on track!
Closed from Wednesday 24th Dec to Friday 2nd Jan 2015